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Klamath Falls Urban Issues Working Group


The mission of the Urban Issues Working Group of the Klamath Watershed Partnership is to promote a healthy urban watershed through education, enhancement, protection and restoration. The goals and objectives of the working group are to protect and restore and create habitat; educate the public (regarding watershed issues in the urban areas) and develop a trail system (connecting existing and develop new systems).

The goals and objectives of the working group are:


Are you Contributing to Non-Point Source Pollution?
Non-point source pollution (also called polluted runoff) comes from many sources and occurs when rainfall, snowmelt and water from washing your vehicles moves over and through the ground. As it moves, this runoff picks up pollutants like dirt, oil, and fertilizers and carries them to lakes, rivers, streams and even our underground sources of drinking water.

Suggestions to Reduce NPS pollution

The Klamath Watershed Partnership Urban Issues Working Group can coordinate a storm drain stenciling project for you by providing maps, paint, exuipment, directions safety materials, guidance and educational handouts. This is a great idea for a service-learning project for scouts, schools, sports teams, youth groups, businesses, neighborhood groups, clubs, or even families. Contact us at or 541-850-1717 if you would like to learn more about our storm drain stenciling program.