Working Groups


Working Groups

Working groups are made up of landowners and local community members who are interested in current ecosystem issues and in what kind of restoration needs to be done in their area. There are seven working groups spread across the more than 7,400 square miles of the Upper Klamath Basin. These working group areas are primarily agricultural, cover 4,766,181 acres, and impact water quality and endangered and threatened fish species in Upper Klamath Land and the Klamath River from the headwaters above Bly, Oregon over 250 miles to the Pacific Ocean.

The seven working groups are:

  1. Upper Williamson - Chair, Vacant
  2. Lower Sprague/Lower Williamson - Chair, Matt Walter
  3. Upper Sprague - Chair, Vacant
  4. Upper Klamath Lake - Chair, Vacant
  5. Upper Klamath River - Chair, Shirley Kerns
  6. Lost River - Chair, Steve Kandra
  7. Urban Issues - Chair, Vacant

The Partnership helps to educate landowners and community members and assists in developing projects that conserve and restore the natural resources of the Klamath Basin, while also addressing landowners’ economic viability, ensuring long-term sustainability of the regional economy and local communities.

If you are interested in being a part of the working group in your area, please provide your name and email address to and you will be added to the contact list and nofitied when meetings are held in your area.

Working Group