Watershed Assessments


Watershed Assessments

Between 2009 and 2012 the Klamath Watershed Partnership coordinated watershed assessments and action plans in the Upper Klamath Basin with funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. For details on this work, go to the links listed under the Watershed Assessment Strategy below and the links for the sub-basin reports on the left. Contact the Partnership office for up-to-date information on these documents.

Watershed Assessment Strategy

The Assessment Strategy describes the boundaries of the Watershed Assessment Units within the Upper Klamath Basin and how they were developed. The Strategy also provides a chronology and schedule for conducting all the sub-basin Watershed Assessments throughout the Upper Klamath Basin. Here is the Draft Assessment Strategy:


Related Reports and Findings:

Geomorphology and Flood-Plain Vegetation of the Sprague and Lower Sycan Rivers,
Klamath Basin, Oregon
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Evaluating Stream Restoration Projects in the
Sprague River Basin
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Stretching Water in the Sprague River Valley
By: Dani Watson

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