About Us

Who is the Klamath Watershed Partnership?

Incorporated in 1997, the Klamath Watershed Partnership is a community based non-profit organization focusing on the needs of landowners and natural resources sustainability; working in collaboration with Upper Klamath Basin landowenrs, agencies and other partners. Water from the 4,766,181 acres of the Upper Klamath Basin drains to the Klamath River, eventually ending up in the Pacific Ocean, traveling over 250 miles. The mission of the Klamath Watershed Partnership is to conserve, enhance and restore the natural resources of the Klamath Basin, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the regional economy and local communities. The Partnership is governed by the board of directors representing diverse points of view in the Klamath Basin. The directors and staff are dedicated people with long-term stakes in the health of local communities and the watersheds that support them.

What Does the Partnership Do?

• Education – The Partnership provides watershed education to community members, serving as a resource regarding conservation issues in the Upper Basin. Landowners can learn about restoration projects that can improve conditions and keep them financially viable. They can also keep abreast of current federal and state regulations, and learn methods of ensuring compliance at minimal cost.

• Consultation – Landowners may request Partnership experts to visit their property to assist in assessing the current conditions and exploring restoration potential on their land.

• Restoration – Restoration staff work closely with landowners to develop a project that fits with their values and also pencils out economically for them. We develop grant proposals to help fund the project, with landowners contributing time, materials and/or equipment. The Partnership manages the project from start to finish, acts as fiscal agent, obtains all permits, and submits all required reports.