Klamath Watershed Partnership Mission

To conserve, enhance and restore the natural resources of the Klamath Basin, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the regional economy and local communities.

Who is the Klamath Watershed Partnership?

The Partnership is a community-based organization that provides watershed education and restoration in the Upper Klamath Basin. A diverse Board of Directors includes members of the Tribal, agricultural and conservation communities, as well as representatives of eight local working groups. Together they help direct the activities of the Partnership in ways that sustain, not only the ecosystem, but also local economies.

The Partnership is involved from start to finish in a wide range of large and small voluntary restoration projects throughout the Basin. The project begins when a landowner contacts the Partnership with an interest in restoration work, such as riparian fencing to help reduce stream bank erosion, screening diversions, or a new irrigation system that uses water and power more efficiently. Staff from the Partnership then works closely with them to design a project that fits with their values and also pencils out economically for them. Learn More>


2014 Klamath Watershed Partnership Annual Report>

2013 Klamath Watershed Partnership Annual Report>

2012 Klamath Watershed Partnership Annual Report>


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Stretching Water in the Sprague River Valley
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Proposed Upper Klamath Basin Comphrehensive Agreement
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Thank you from the Klamath Watershed Partnership



If you are in need of tree protectors for your small tree saplings, please contact the Klamath Watershed Partnership at, and we can make arrangements for pickup.

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Klamath Watershed Partnership is Looking for New Board Members!

The Klamath Watershed Partnership is looking for new board members to fill vacant spots on the board. The Klamath Watershed Partnership represents the broad and diverse geographic areas and community interests in the watershed and works collaboratively with these interests and landowners to conserve, enhance and restore the natural resources of the Klamath Basin, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the regional economy and local communities. The board meets quarterly from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm on the fourth Thursday of the month: January, April (annual meeting), July, and October. If you are interested in being a part of the Klamath Watershed Partnership, review our annual reports to see what we have been up to and review the by-laws to see if you are interested in being a part of our organization. If you have any questions, you can contact us at


Klamath Energy and Water Savings

The Klamath Watershed Partnership has partnered with PROSPER and Sustainable Northwest to provide assistance with key energy programs in the Klamath Basin.

Wheather it is nozzles, gaskets, solar, irrigation, pumps, lights, hoses, pipes, residential or commercial, new purchase or replacement - there are energy and water savings rebate options available. For more information contact Bill Lehman, Execituve Director at or 541-850-1717.
Energy Flyer>


2015 Klamath Falls City Parks Summer Programming

This summer the Great Outdoors Alliance will be holding a number of educational programs through Klamath Falls City Parks to encourage youth to get outside and explore. These programs are FREE of charge.

The Great Outdoors Alliance is a partnership of the City of Klamath Falls, U.S. Forest Service, Klamath Watershed Partnership, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serivce, Klamath Lake Land Trust and the Klamath Basin Audubon Society.

Check out the schedule and plan on spending your summer break outdoors!


Interested in Becoming a Partner of the Great Outdoors Alliance?

The Great Outdoor Alliance (GOA) was formed in 2013 to meet the needs of outdoor education in the Klamath Basin.

The AGO seeks to empower all Americans - citizens, young people, and representatives of community groups; the private sector; nonprofit organizations; and local, state, and tribal governments - to share in the responsibility to conserve, restore, and provide better access to our lands and waters in order to leave a healthy, vibrant oudoor legacy for generations yet to come.

The mission is to foster partnerships that support connecting people to the land through recreation, education and outreach. Our vision is that all citizens have the opportunity to recreate in the outdoors and learn about their environment thereby creating healthy, informed and engaged communities.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the GOA, please contact Laura Reynolds or Ginny Monroe at the Klamath Watershed Partnership.

GOA New Member Handbook

Connecting People to the land through recreation, education and outreach.