Our Mission

To conserve, enhance and restore the natural resources of the Klamath Basin, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the regional economy and local communities.

Who is the Klamath Watershed Partnership?

The Partnership is a community-based organization that provides watershed education and restoration in the Upper Klamath Basin. A diverse Board of Directors includes members of the agricultural and conservation communities, as well as representatives of eight local working groups. Together they help direct the activities of the Partnership in ways that sustain not only the ecosystem, but also local economies.

The Partnership is involved from start to finish in a wide range of large and small voluntary restoration projects throughout the Basin. The project begins when a landowner contacts the Partnership with an interest in restoration work, such as riparian fencing to help reduce stream bank erosion, screening diversions, or a new irrigation system that uses water and power more efficiently. Staff from the Partnership then works closely with them to design a project that fits with their values and also pencils out economically for them. Learn More>

Klamath Watershed Partnership 2017 Annual Report

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Klamath Energy and Water Savings

Identify energy saving projects on your farm or ranch to reduce
water use, reduce pumping needs, and save you money.

Klamath Watershed Partnership is providing assistance with key water and energy savings in the Klamath Basin. The goal of the Energy and Water Savings Program is to help landowners by identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption and improve irrigation efficiency potential. We help locate cost share programs and grants to tackle the challenge of high energy costs and water availability. See some of our options here.

If you have recently purchased new irrigation parts, supplies, or equipment, the following information may interest you. As a Pacific Power customer, 3% of each bill you pay is held in a trust and paid back in the form of rebates to those who submit rebate forms with receipts. If you purchase nozzles, gaskets, regulators, or multi-trajectory sprinklers, you may be eligible for money back. This is an opportunity to reduce water use AND save money in the process.

You may be eligible for Energy Trust rebates if:
1. You are a PGE or Pacific Power customer
2. You are a Northwest Natural or Cascade Natural gas customer
3. You purchased the item within the last 6 months

See the rebate form to determine if your purchase qualifies for an Energy Trust rebate. To find out more about the options for rebates on regular maintenance purchases for existing equipment, new equipment, or upgrades visit Energy Trust or contact Bill Lehman, Executive Director at Klamath Watershed Partnership - 541-850-1717 - blehman@klamathpartnership.org

Are you Contributing to
Non-Point Source (NPS) Pollution?

Non-point source pollution (also called polluted runoff) comes from many sources and occurs when rainfall, snowmelt and runoff from watering your lawn and washing your vehicles moves over and through the ground. As it moves, this runoff picks up pollutants like dirt, oil, and fertilizers and carries them to lakes, rivers, streams and even our underground sources of drinking water.

Click here for suggestions on reducing NPS.

One of the ways to remind communities is to stencil drains as a reminder that anything that flows into the drain will end up in lakes, rivers, streams. The Klamath Watershed Partnership coordinates drain stenciling projects as part of their education efforts about NPS. If you are part of a group, school, etc. that would like to organize or participate in a stenciling project for your neighborhood, contact us at info@klamathpartnership.org or 541-850-1717.

Healthy Forests are Essential
to Watershed Health

The Klamath Watershed Partnership is engaged with the Klamath-Lake Forest Health Partnership (KLFHP) to develop and maintain sustainable forestry and productive forests. The KLFHP is a collaboration of Federal, State, and local agencies, with NGO's and landowners working to increase the pace and scale of landscape restoration across public and private lands. Learn more at klfhp.org.


Thank you from the Klamath Watershed Partnership!